What is Genesis Mint?

Genesis mint is a generative art platform that plans to release art from both our in-house artists and a curated set of artists. We are currently based out of Australia.

What will your average collection size be?

We plan on releasing long-form generative art projects with collections sizes from 100 to 10k.

What intellectual property rights does the project use?

Most projects will be licensed under CCBY-NC 4.0.

Is there a roadmap?

We are not one of those projects that promise the world and don’t deliver. Currently, we plan to release a new project every quarter.

Though, we consider the Nest a membership to the Genesis mint club and promise nothing further.

What type of contract are you using?

Our contract is based on the ERC721a standard to make minting multiple NFT’s cheap.

How are these NFT’s stored?

These NFTs are stored on IPFS in a decentralised manner. We generate a high-quality PNG and a SVG for viewing at large sizes or resolutions.

How many NFT’s can I mint at a time?

10 per transaction.

How much are your secondary royalties?


What will happen with the last 50 nests from the Genesis Mint?

The Genesis Mint team are the only people that can mint the last 50 nests. They will be used as gifts and generally to build out the Genesis Mint organisation.

When will this project mint?

SYD: 5am Wednesday 27th July
PST: 12pm Tuesday 26th July
London: 8pm Tuesday 26th July
UTC: 7pm Tuesday 26th July

Where are the contracts located?

Genesis: https://etherscan.io/address/0xaf230bf49f84549a5b4c38b5f3e7e7b2505ece4e

Where are the official collection links?

Genesis: https://opensea.io/collection/genesis-by-exo3535

Can I launch my project on Genesis Mint?

Yes, please get in contact with us on the Artist link: https://genesismint.io/artists/.