About Us

We are passionate about blockchain technology and generative art. We stand on the shoulders of giants like Larva Labs, Yuga Labs and Artblocks. They are both truly the GOAT’s of the NFT space. We only hope that one day we can be considered in the same breath and have our art appear in galleries next to theirs.

Genesis mint is a generative art platform. We plan to release art from both our in-house artists and a curated set of artists. Sound familiar… Well, it is, but the model works, and we think there is room in the space for other platforms. Especially with many people being priced out of drops from the existing platforms.

Genesis will be our first drop and should be considered membership into the OG Genesis Mint Club. Please join us on this journey. We would love to have you.

Ben Magro – Chief

Ben has been playing with crypto since 2012, Ben is a builder of products. Genesis was his brainchild after grappling with his new obsession with NFT’s. Creating my own platform was the only logical next step.

exo3535 – Chief Artist

exo3535 has been designing experience for over 25 years. Not fully left brain, or right brain. Generative art is the perfect intersection of logic and creativity.

Nad – Chief of Blockchain

Nad is our master of all things blockchain. He’s a Software Engineer for a large technology company and has been working on various blockchain-related projects since 2017.

Hilary – Chief of Community

Hilary is our Chief of Community. She thinks of generative art the same way she thinks about marketing – digital expressions that ultimately connect a person to a feeling.